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Does your health insurance cover mental health services?

Updated: Jan 14

Health insurance can be a very confusing and complex system to navigate. Many health insurance companies do provide coverage for mental health services, however, the copay may range in price.

Feel free to use this resource to check your benefits:

mental health counseling Tampa, Florida

I am in-network with the following:




-United Healthcare



I am also on the following EAP panels:


-Spring Health

I also provide sliding scale for services and would be happy to work with you to help make therapy more affordable for you. If you have questions, feel free to click the "contact me" button below:

I can also be reached via text at (813)501-2703 or email:

I provide telehealth (virtual) mental health services to those in Tampa, FL and to any residents in the state of Florida.

Shannon Schell, LMHC

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