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Your path to freedom through counseling


Imagine a life where you:

  • Stop waking up with the tightness in your chest and have the energy and clarity to accomplish your goals and dreams

  • Get out of your rut and are on a path to feeling confident about who you are and proud of where you are going

  • Instead of fighting with your loved ones you are connecting in ways you never have before because you have learned new ways to communicate with them


I am here to help with all of these concerns and would love to partner with you in your journey for personal growth!

I am committed to providing effective therapy so that you can make better decisions, improve relationships, and experience joy and wellness in every aspect of your life.  

Together, we can get you on a path to freedom through counseling.

Hello, I am Shannon Schell

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Anxiety therapist in Tampa

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and I am founder of Liberty Counseling Services, LLC.  I provide mental health services for residents in the state of Florida.  I am passionate about helping people get from a place of hurting to healing and empowering people to achieve optimal wellness.  I am inspired by the strength and growth I see in my clients every day.  

How I help the people I work with:

I provide a warm, safe environment that is conducive for inner healing.  Through listening and providing direct feedback, I help my clients have a better understanding of themselves and enhanced self-awareness.  Life is full of pain but it is also full of beauty.  I am honored that I get to work in a profession where I help people find their joy again.



    Telehealth Services  

Effective Individual and Couples Counseling for Adults 

Specializing in:

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Anxiety Management

Overthinking, racing thoughts, and general worry

Blue Gradient


Unclear boundaries and accommodating to needs and wants of others while sacrificing own

Blue Gradient


Using a trauma-informed approach, exploring family of origin, triggers and responses, and emotional safety

Blue Gradient


Low motivation, hopelessness, and overwhelming sadness

Blue Gradient

Work & Career-related issues

Burnout, compassion fatigue, and career direction

Blue Gradient

Grief & Loss

Whether it is a breakup and loss of a relationship or the passing of a loved one, we will explore the associated emotions and how to cope with loss

Blue Gradient

Self-Esteem Issues

Lack of confidence in abilities and self-worth, assertiveness training 

Blue Gradient

Life Transitions

Adjustment and coping with major life changes

Blue Gradient

Couples Counseling

Conflict resolution, communication, and strengthening the bond

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I utilize Person-Centered and Cognitive-Behavioral approaches in the services I provide. 

To read more about these approaches, click the button below.


Take the first step. Your path to freedom through counseling.  Contact Shannon below to schedule your first telehealth appointment.




(813) 501-2703

Tampa, Florida 33618

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